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We are thrilled to announce Production Designer Natalie O’Connor has joined Loop Talent.

Natalie O’Connor is an Award Winning Production Designer working on critically acclaimed features, television dramas and commercials.

Natalie approaches each project with thorough research and a delve into the depths of characterization in order to make the director’s vision a reality. She loves to be challenged by scripts and has a varied portfolio of projects spanning history – from the Victorian era, to the roaring 20’s, the trenches of WW1, and into possible dystopian futures and alternate realities.

Natalie’s passion for storytelling has seen her work on visually rich films including The Black Prince, the true story of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last king of the Punjab, and his life long quest to reclaim his faith and empire. Natalie’s challenge here was in designing sets from both high-born Victorian England, as well as flashbacks from the final days of the Sikh Empire in Lahore. The feature involved a huge amount of research into the period and the epic real life story, which resulted in Natalie winning two awards for Best Production Design.

Natalie has a broad creative background which has taught her a number of practical skills, informing her work as designer. As well as being a trained scenic artist, she has acquired a good knowledge of set construction over ten years of designing enormous scenic frontages and interactive late night venues at Glastonbury Festival.

Most recently Natalie designed feature The Laureate, set in the roaring 20’s, as well as feature 23 Walks, a modern-day story portraying total realism.

View her portfolio here.