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Education:  BAHons Fashion from Essex University.


  • Creativity. Able to sketch as well as create mood boards.  I use all sorts of content and inspiration for my boards.
  • Technical:  Good knowledge of pattern cutting as well as making. Sound understanding of SFX and Rip off costumes along with a very talented team of makers on hand to make it all happen.
  • Able to style underwater and has a strong knowledge of how clothes behave on film in this environment with a specialised kit dedicated for this purpose.
  • Experienced working with a range of budgets.
  • Comfortable working with large casts.

Inspiration:  Charles Knode.  Costume Designer for Bladerunner 1982.  I was lucky enough to spend two weeks working for him on a very large Fosters commercial.  We spent days pattern cutting and making toiles. And three weeks making.   It was my apprenticeship.

Career High:   Styling a commercial for E-ON which involved 150 period hires. I had to find an 18th Century pattern cutter in an afternoon in London during a very busy time. Luckily, I found one!  The job was technically very challenging, from a pattern cutting point of view and because the costumes were tearaways, we had to have contact with the camera dept whilst prepping regarding camera angles and where we could put our rip points.  I learned so much on that job.

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