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Education: With a background in painting, graphic design, typography and art history, I am a graduate of the WA School of Art & Design and studied cinematography at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)

Skills: I am a director of photography who also operates the A camera, with extensive experience with geared head, remote head, handheld and gimbal operating on international feature films, music videos, commercials and television drama. 

I have worked with most major film and digital formats, including 35mm and 16mm Motion Picture Film. I have also worked as a 2nd Unit Director/DOP on award-winning features. I am an experienced sailor and have worked in many extreme, remote locations, including deserts, oceans, mountains and glaciers.

Inspiration: I receive great inspiration from travelling the world and experiencing various cultures. I was born in New Zealand and am particularly proud of my Maori heritage. My work has allowed me to experience other nations’ cultures, people, history and traditions.

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