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A non-binary certified Intimacy Coordinator, Rufai Ajala (Roo) completed their training with Yarit Dor (Atlanta, Knives Out, Bridgerton, The Girlfriend Experience, Adult Material) under a special mentorship programme by Screen Skills and Moving Body Arts to introduce more Diverse Genders and Identities to Intimacy Coordination field and community. Now Roo brings their wealth of experience to sets, crafting and safeguarding nuanced intimate scenes and stories.

Whatever storyline they are dealing with – simulated sex and nudity, queer identity and sexuality, trans and non-binary gender, kink and BDSM, sexual euphoria, sexual trauma – Roo is on hand to advise and support actors in any capacity, helping them feel comfortable and, importantly, safe while filming or depicting any scenes requiring intimacy.

Having co-authored the “Performer Bill of Rights” and “Ethical Guidelines for Guest Directors” with a well-known feminist adult production house, Roo also act as a consultant for projects involving People of Colour, LGBTQI+ and non-binary talent, and alternative relationship styles. Their commitment to education about intimacy on set – and beyond – has been recognised by the industry; they received an award recognising their contribution from the Toronto International Feminist Film Awards. Roo was selected for the Screen Stars of Tomorrow 2022.

Projects engaging with sensitive content and scenes of heightened emotion have been built upon with more than 13 years’ working in the film industry,  in various roles (from production and editing to the lighting and camera department). Combined, this experience informs and shapes their forward-thinking practice, care and working ethics.

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