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Haley is a neuro-diverse London and Leeds based Intimacy Coordinator.  She specialises in intimacy work with young actors and is a staunch advocate for intimacy safeguarding on sets and in theatres.  She has worked for numerous clients including the BFI, Columbia Records, Warner Brothers, Sater and Sheik (Spring Awakening/Alice By Heart), The Royal Court, ENON Films and Triskelle Pictures, and is currently working towards a PhD in Intimacy Education.

Haley’s background in the development department for high profile HETV and experience as a director, has allowed her to understand the benefits of Intimacy Coordinating for story and character, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the physical demands of actors during these intimate scenes.

With a background in theatre, Haley has been at the forefront of Intimacy Coordinating in the UK and understands the importance of using an Intimacy Coordinator on set. Haley specialises in intimacy work with young actors. Through a PHD in Intimacy Education Haley is working to demonstrate the benefits of Intimacy Coordinating through the academic field as well as production nationwide.

Haley is on hand to support the wellbeing of actors during intimate scenes and provides professional safeguards to ensure the set is comfortable, safe and creative.

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