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2002-05 BA (Hons) Productions Design and Performance (2:1)

Bretton Hall, University of Leeds



Script analysing

Historical research


Working within a range of budgets

Time management

Team management

Communicating with Producers and Directors

Building trusting confidence with actors

Setting up and running large workrooms

Excellent knowledge of costume construction and pattern cutting

Excellent knowledge of fabrics



I am fascinated by people and their character traits. I believe what someone wears and the clothing choices they make say so much about a person, I love to portray this in my designs.

I have a love of history and researching the paintings and historical photos of the past and bringing them to life. This detailed research then leaves me free to push the boundaries of what is historically accurate and where I can add my own creative flare.

Career High:

Designing The Famous Five and being part of the design team for two Doctors (David Tenant and Nchuti Gatwa)

Imaging how to survive the Apocalypse was another interesting moment. With Henpocalypse! all departments really had to embrace the idea of utilising what would be on hand in this particular scenario which inevitably lead to some mad moments.

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