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Education: BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design

Skills:  Creating mood boards, working to specific large and smaller scale budgets, team management, use of programmes such as Sync on Set, bulk buying for cast, skilled in techniques to age and distress clothing.

Inspiration: I have a real understanding of what people wear in our society. Growing up in the melting pot of London and having mixed parentage means I’ve been able to observe different cultures closely, firing up a true understanding of the character I am dressing. I’m resourceful; 10 years of experience in television and commercials renders you practical and efficient on set and able to adapt to change quickly.

Career High: Dressing modern dancer and choreographer, Julie Cunningham. We created something transformative out of nothing. Using only seamless tights, I hand died them to create colours and tones that were central to a film shot in an abandoned building. By merely using an everyday object, we managed to transform the dancers and tell a story. They became otherworldly. This was a really satisfying moment for me.

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