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Education: MA (Hons) Philosophy & Economics from The University Of Edinburgh, and 1 Year Practical Filmmaking from The New York Film Academy.

Skills: I’ve worked with all the usual suspects: animals, children, drones, low loaders, cars & motorbikes, Intimacy Coordinators, Stunt Coordinators, Stunt & SPACT Performers, Dance Choreographers, Armourers, SFX Supervisors; on locations and studios in the UK and internationally; on single and multicam shoots. I also enjoy working on inclusive sets and have experience working with and facilitating disabled cast. I’m proficient with Movie Magic Scheduling & Final Draft.

Languages: Conversational in Spanish & French, and my Turkish is currently good enough to chat to a 3-4 year old or a very patient adult.

Inspiration: I used to skip university lectures to rent films and catch up on classic TV comedy programmes. Watching behind the scenes featurettes on DVDs opened my eyes to the world behind the camera and I had the realisation that I could try to make a career out of working on exactly the sort of programmes I love to watch.

Career High: all those little moments when I have laughed on set, surrounded by people who are funny and talented enough for it to be their career.

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