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Education: Arts University Bournemouth BA Film Production spec. Cinematography, UK

UJ Cracow, BA Comparative Literature, Poland

Skills: Advanced gimbal operator, shot all over the world, love capturing spirit of real life locations, skateboards (badly but with love), paints, shot on film and can load it, DOP’ed 2 x camera drama show recently, designed 360 blue screen studio (a few times) and worked with technocranes but also went alone to a jungle with a small Sony camera, loves S8 and shot alone in Mumbai slums. I love mixing modern technology with nature. Good listener and owns Mamiya RB67.

Languages: English, Polish, Basic Spanish, school French

Inspiration: Jean Yves-Escoffier when he shot Gummo, and Robbie Ryan anything. Sophia Coppola. Jimmy Hendrix and Mark Hoppus, Andrew Wyeth for his frames and Professor Carlo Rovelli. Jon Favreau for mixing technology and storytelling seamlessly. Mikey Alfred. Elen Kuras. Alwin Kuchler. Jack Cardiff in technicolor, Vittorio Storaro in anything. Bennoit Delhomme for being a great mentor & artist.

Career High: Shooting in a snowy Welsh forest with Jennifer Sheridan with the Ronin gimbal on anamorphics and not slipping. Seeing that scene year later at BFI London Film Festival.

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