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Nina Jamil is a Belfast-based Intimacy Coordinator, having studied under Amanda Blumenthal in Los Angeles on the Intimacy Professionals Association’s SAG-AFTRA Accredited course, and has worked on film and television projects for a range of leading production companies and broadcasters including Element Pictures, Merman, Apple TV+, RTE, and Hulu. 

Before joining the industry Nina studied Law, which provides a strong foundation upon which to put together riders and safeguarding boundaries across all her productions, and followed that up with a postgraduate degree in Journalism. 

Nina spent her first 15 years in the industry across in a variety of roles in front of and behind the camera before training as an Intimacy Coordinator. Her vast experience in all facets of production, from idea origination through to post-production, as well as understanding the perspective of actors on set, help to inform her work as an IC. 

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