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Intimacy Coordinator Nina Jamil joins the roster

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We’re thrilled to announce Intimacy Coordinator Nina Jamil has joined the roster.

Nina is a Belfast-based Intimacy Coordinator working in feature films and HETV, whose C.V. features productions from a host of industry-leading companies and broadcasters including Element Pictures, Merman, Apple TV+, Hulu, and RTE.

Before training to become an Intimacy Coordinator Nina spent 15 years in the industry across a variety of roles both in front of and behind the camera, including producing a number of shorts and TV pilots, that has given her the additional tools to offer practical solutions to benefit production alongside her responsibilities as an Intimacy Coordinator.

Consent and collaboration are an integral part of Nina’s process as an Intimacy Coordinator, allowing actors to deliver performances where they feel safe and empowered to do their best work whilst also giving directors the opportunity to fulfil their creative ambitions.

Contact Matt for bookings.

Role Of Intimacy Coordinators in the Film Industry

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These professionals are pivotal in the film industry, safeguarding actors and advising on consensual and respectful practices during sensitive scenes. Essentially, they guard actors’ boundaries while maintaining the authenticity of the scene itself. Balancing advocacy, choreography, and safety, their work is grounded in context, consent, communication, movement, and closure. Intimacy coordinators are not only critical for fostering trust and respect on set, but they also enhance the depth and authenticity of the narrative. Continue reading to understand the crucial contributions made by intimacy coordinators to modern film production.

If you’d like to check out our diverse group of UK-based intimacy coordinators who contribute to various projects, including films, high-end TV productions, commercials, and music promos – you can view them here

Key Takeaways

  • Intimacy coordinators ensure the safe, respectful portrayal of intimate scenes, maintaining actors’ boundaries and adhering to industry safety protocols.
  • They collaborate with directors and crew members, establish boundaries, and provide guidance during scenes to integrate intimacy smoothly into the narrative.
  • To maintain comfort and uphold scene integrity, in advance of a shoot, coordinators draft risk assessments, and waivers, and speak directly to cast members and directors to establish what will be shot on the day.
  • When on set, they help manage power dynamics, and guide and prepare actors through intimate scenes, emphasising confidentiality, professionalism, and respect.
  • Their role adds value by enhancing the authenticity and depth of the narrative, improving production quality, and contributing to a more respectful depiction of intimate relationships.

Introduction to Intimacy Coordination

In the dynamic world of film and television, intimacy coordinators have emerged as vital players, ensuring the safe and respectful portrayal of intimate scenes. Their role is essential, providing guidance and support to actors as they navigate the complexities of filming these sensitive moments.

With the intensity of intimate scenes increasing in today’s media, we’ve seen a growing need for intimacy coordinators. They follow industry guidelines and standards, ensuring that professionalism is maintained while respecting actors’ experiences. Furthermore, they also manage how intimate content is portrayed, emphasising confidentiality and providing support to cast members, both during and after production.

At Loop Talent, we understand the critical role of intimacy coordinators; that’s why we’re committed to representing professionals in this field. We’re proud to have a diverse roster of UK-based intimacy coordinators who work on a wide range of projects. From film and television to commercials and music promos, our intimacy coordinators are trained to ensure that every scene is handled with the utmost respect and sensitivity. We believe in empowering our clients, nurturing their skills, and helping them to progress in their careers.

Defining the Role of an Intimacy Coordinator

The role of an intimacy coordinator is dedicated to balancing advocacy, choreography, and safety, ensuring that any scenes of intimacy are managed with respect and care. Serving as essential allies, these professional experts provide guidance and support, ensuring that sensitive scenes are conducted with the utmost respect for personal boundaries as well as strict adherence to safety standards.

It’s important to differentiate between intimacy coordinators for film and television and intimacy directors in the theatre. Even though their roles may seem similar, they cater to different formats and their tasks vary accordingly. However, they share the same aim: to facilitate intimate content that is safe and respectful.

The role of intimacy coordinators has evolved significantly in recent times, especially since the #MeToo movement. Their presence on sets has become increasingly necessary to maintain professionalism and protect actors’, and also crew’s rights. In essence, intimacy coordinators are not only choreographers of intimate scenes, but they’re also the advocates and protectors of actors and crew, ensuring that any sexual acts of intimacy on screen are portrayed with both respect and care.

The Core Principles of Intimacy Coordination

It’s important to understand the core principles of intimacy coordination, which are grounded in the pillars of context, consent, communication, choreography, and closure.

  • Context – Intimacy coordinators must understand the context of each scene and ensure it aligns with the storyline and characters’ development.
  • Consent – They guarantee that all actors give their informed consent before performing an intimate scene, ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort.
  • Communication – Open lines of communication are crucial. Coordinators facilitate discussions about boundaries, comfort levels, and personal preferences.
  • Choreography – Intimate scenes are choreographed to the smallest detail, just like a dance or fight scene. This removes ambiguity and provides clear directions for actors.
  • Closure – After filming, coordinators provide closure to actors, helping them separate their characters’ experiences from their own.

Operational Dynamics within Productions

As we examine the role of intimacy coordinators, understanding their operational dynamics within productions is key.

Not only do they collaborate with production teams but they also use specific tools and techniques for effective communication and conflict resolution between production companies.

Moreover, they’re pivotal in preventing harassment and ensuring a respectful and safe environment on set.

Collaboration with Production Teams

In the world of film and TV production, intimacy coordinators work closely with directors, producers, cast and crew members to ensure that intimate scenes are integrated smoothly and respectfully into the narrative. Their collaboration with production teams is key, as they contribute valuable insights to maintain the authenticity of scenes while safeguarding the comfort and dignity of actors.

Their roles in collaboration include:

  • Establishing boundaries for actors during intimate scenes
  • Communicating actors’ comfort levels to directors
  • Guiding the enactment of intimate scenes
  • Working with directors to creatively adapt scenes when needed
  • Advocating for actors’ rights within production teams.

Hence, intimacy coordinators play an invaluable role in fostering a safe, respectful environment during the filming of intimate scenes.

Tools and Techniques

Intimacy coordinators employ a myriad of tools and techniques to navigate operational dynamics within productions, striking a balance between the creative team’s needs and the actors’ comfort.

One of the tools they use is modesty garments, which provide a physical barrier during intimate scenes, helping to maintain the actor’s comfort and dignity.

Additionally, waivers are used to clearly outline and agree upon the boundaries for these scenes. This ensures that everyone involved understands the scope of the simulated sex scene and is comfortable to proceed.

Conflict Resolution and Harassment Prevention

Part of the role of intimacy coordinators involves resolving conflicts and implementing sexual harassment prevention measures on set. They are pivotal in creating a safe environment in which any concerns can be openly communicated and addressed. This includes facilitating open communication between actors and directors, ensuring that all parties are informed and consent to the scenes in which they’re involved, educating cast and crew members on appropriate behaviour and boundaries, implementing and enforcing sexual harassment prevention policies, and mediating any conflicts related to intimate scenes, ensuring the actors’ comfort and safety.

The presence of intimacy coordinators assists in conflict resolution and fosters an environment that prevents sexual harassment. These experts are essential in maintaining respect, professionalism, and comfort during the portrayal of intimate and sexual content in media.

Impact and Value Added by Intimacy Coordinators

We can’t underestimate the value that intimacy coordinators bring to the film industry. These professionals, who are often members of the Intimacy Professionals Association, are instrumental in crafting intimate scenes that are believable as well as respectful. Far from being a mere luxury, their role is now recognised as being a necessity in contemporary media production.

Part of the professional role of an intimacy director is to choreograph every move and every touch, ensuring that actors’ boundaries are respected at all times. They create a safe environment in which actors feel secure to deliver their best performances, without the fear of any personal lines being crossed. This care generates trust and respect, fostering a positive working atmosphere that improves the overall quality of the production.

The involvement of an intimacy coordinator enriches the final product by helping to craft authentic and nuanced performances, enhancing narrative depth and engaging the audience more deeply. Moreover, they help to promote a more respectful and accurate depiction of intimate relationships in media.

The Impact of Intimacy Coordinators in the UK’s Film Industry

Let’s now turn our attention to the considerable impact of intimacy coordinators in the UK’s film industry.

We’ll discuss their influence on creative integrity, addressing power dynamics and safety, and the business case for their role.

Their presence has sparked significant changes, leading to a safer, more transparent environment on set.

Enhancing Creative Integrity

By harnessing the expertise of intimacy coordinators, productions can maintain their creative integrity while ensuring actors’ safety and comfort during intimate scenes. These professionals are pivotal in creating an environment in which the actors can feel secure, while the creative director’s vision is preserved.

  • Intimacy coordinators create a safe space for actors, allowing them to perform at their best.
  • They ensure that each scene aligns with the director’s creative vision, without compromising actors’ comfort.
  • Intimacy coordinators facilitate open dialogues about consent, boundaries, and physicality between all parties involved.
  • They equip actors with the necessary knowledge to navigate difficult scenes with confidence.
  • Their presence increases the production’s professional standard, ensuring respect for all involved.

In essence, intimacy coordinators are integral to upholding creative integrity in the UK’s film industry.

Addressing Power Dynamics and Safety

Navigating the complex power dynamics of a film set, intimacy coordinators act as key players in the production process, ensuring safety and respect during the filming of vulnerable scenes. Their presence helps to balance these power dynamics, creating a safe environment for actors.

Additionally, intimacy coordinators guide and prepare actors through intimate scenes, emphasising confidentiality and offering support, before, during and after filming. As the intensity of on-screen intimacy increases, so does the need for these professionals. They follow strict industry standards, promoting professionalism and respect for all involved.

The role of intimacy coordinators is becoming more common for managing how intimate content is portrayed and ensuring that actors feel secure and respected. Their indispensable role contributes significantly to the overall safety and integrity of the UK’s film industry.

Challenges and Controversies in Intimacy Coordination

While the role of intimacy coordinators in the filming industry is undeniably important, they often face a series of challenges, including resistance from industry traditionalists and the strain of tight production schedules.

Some industry veterans may resist the involvement of intimacy coordinators, viewing them as a hindrance to creative freedom. However, at Loop Talent, we believe that safety should never be compromised. Intimacy coordinators are there to ensure that actors feel safe and comfortable during intimate scenes, not to dampen the creative process.

Time constraints also pose a challenge. Filming schedules are often tight, and the additional planning required for intimate scenes can strain those already limited timelines. Yet, it’s vital to prioritise this planning to safeguard the well-being of the actors.

Moreover, there’s a controversy over balancing creativity and safety. While some argue that intimacy coordinators limit creative freedom, we maintain that they enhance it by fostering an environment of trust. These challenges, though significant, are surmountable and will hopefully diminish as the role of intimacy coordinators becomes more widely recognised and appreciated.

Future Directions for Intimacy Coordinators

Despite the challenges and controversies, we see great opportunities for growth and development in the role of intimacy coordinators. As the industry progresses, the demand for these specialists is growing, reflecting their significant impact on the safety and comfort of actors in intimate settings. This growth, however, requires some adjustments within the industry.

For the future, we envision several areas of focus:

  • Standardisation: The industry needs to establish standardised practices for intimacy coordinators. This would set clear expectations and guidelines for their work.
  • Recognition: Accreditation for intimacy coordinators is crucial. It lends credibility and professional recognition to their role.
  • Training: Continual professional development and training should be encouraged to keep intimacy coordinators updated on current industry practices and standards.
  • Research: Academic research into the role and impact of intimacy coordinators will further validate their importance and inform policy development.
  • Advocacy: Advocacy for the inclusion of intimacy coordinators in filming projects of all sizes is essential.

In these ways, we can foster the growth of the intimacy coordinators’ role, thereby enhancing their contributions to the industry.

Conclusion: The Integral Role of Intimacy Coordinators in Modern Media

The critical role of intimacy coordinators in ensuring respectful, safe, and authentic portrayals of intimate scenes cannot be understated. Their work has significantly transformed the industry’s approach to on-screen intimacy, providing crucial support for actors in sensitive scenes while helping to achieve the director’s creative vision.

These experts have established themselves as indispensable on set, guiding performers through challenging moments with professionalism and care. They provide a sense of security and confidence, allowing actors to fully commit to their roles without fear of crossing personal boundaries.

At Loop Talent, we recognise the growing importance of this role and are proud to represent a diverse group of UK-based intimacy coordinators who contribute to various projects, including films, high-end TV productions, commercials, and music promos. Our commitment to excellence in this area reflects the entertainment industry’s broader shift towards more ethical and considerate storytelling practices.

RTS Awards 2024

By News
Last night’s RTS Programme Awards 2024 saw wins for programmes featuring work from Loop Talent clients, and we’re thrilled to celebrate their vital roles in each of these shows being recognised by the RTS.
‘Extraordinary’, with work from Production Manager Andrew Gwyn Davies, and editing by Galina Chakarova for Sid Gentle Films and Disney+, won Best Scripted Comedy.
‘A Kind of Spark’, lensed by DOP Martyna Kittner for 9 Story Media and the BBC, won Best Children’s Programme.
‘Partygate’, featuring Line Producer Ingrid Litman for Halcyons Heart Films and Channel 4, won Best Single Drama.
‘Juice’ and ‘Big Boys’ both featuring costume design by Rachael Clarke won for Comedy Drama, and Comedy Writer (Jack Rooke) respectively
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Loop Talent Projects At British Arrows 2024

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Congratulations to our clients who have had work win at the British Arrows 2024!

Uber Eats‘ starring Robert De Niro and Asa Butterfield took home the Bronze award for ‘Best Over 90 Second Commercial’ and Gold Award for ‘Transport and Tourism’ categories. Costumes designed by Costume Designer Jonni Fitzgerald and Hair and Makeup by designer Bernadine Long.

Breast Cancer Now ‘The Chat’ with costumes designed by Costume Designer Moira Chapman won the Craft Bronze in the ‘Social Media’ category.

Are you looking for a Line Producer for HETV or Film?

By News

At the heart of film and television production, Line Producers play a vital role in ensuring the seamless execution of projects. At Loop Talent, we are proud to represent a team of highly skilled and experienced Line Producers based in London, and working internationally. Here’s a snapshot of our Line Producers working in HETV and Film.

Alexandra Breede

Alexandra Breede brings a wealth of experience to our team of Line Producers in London. Her recent credits include prominent projects such as the Sky Original film ‘Dead Shot’, Netflix production ‘I Came By’ and upcoming feature ‘On Falling’ for Sixteen Films. A popular and well-respected Line Producer Alex not only delivers productions of the highest quality, but ensures her productions are run in a manner that empowers all crew members to do their best work on set.

Lennard Ortmann

Lennard Ortmann is a Line Producer with a diverse background in television and film. His recent work includes notable projects like the the award-winning feature ’Listen’, Italian feature ‘Diciannove’, the BBC3 TV Series ‘Dinosaur’, and upcoming drama ‘We Go Again’ for The Forge. Lennard’s meticulous approach and extensive experience as both a Line Producer and Production Manager form the basis of his ability to deliver exceptional results on every project he undertakes.

Ingrid Litman

Ingrid Litman boasts a comprehensive background in HETV and film production, making her a sought-after Line Producer in London. Her recent credits encompass a range of acclaimed projects including the C4 Docu-drama ‘Partygate’ and BBC comedy ‘Bad Education’ (Series 4). Ingrid’s track record of success as a Line Producer and Production Manager (on dramas such as Harlots, Grace, and Responsible Child) make her a valuable asset to any production team.

At Loop Talent, we understand the importance of partnering with experienced professionals to ensure the success of your production. Our roster of Line Producers based in London offers a diverse range of skills and expertise to meet the unique needs of each project. Whether you’re working on a television series, or feature film, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence across all elements of production.

Reach out to Line Producer Agent Matt Clinch to learn more about how our London-based Line Producers can contribute to the success of your next project.

BAFTA TV Nominations 2024

By News

We are proud to celebrate the clients who were a part of some of the best TV this year:

THE GOLD – Production Manager Christian Rigg

BIG BOYS –  Costume Designer Rachael Clarke and 1st AD Charlie Elliot
DREAMING WHILST BLACK – Production Designer Angel Parmar, Intimacy Coordinator Rufai Ajala with Episode 1 lensed by DOP Jon Muschamp
EXTRAORDINARY – Production Manager Andrew Gwyn Davies
SUCH BRAVE GIRLS – Costume Designer Sara Hassan

THE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST – Hair and Makeup Designer Frances Hounsom, Costume Designer Rachael Clarke and Production Designer Natalie O’Connor

In the acting categories, Paapa Essiedu was nominated for Leading Actor for THE LAZARUS PROJECT with episodes edited by Anil Griffin. Máiréad Tyers and Sofia Oxenham have been nominated for Female Performance in a Comedy Programme for EXTRAORDINARY Production Managed by Andrew Gwyn Davies. In the Male Performance in a Comedy Programme Adjani Salmon has been nominated for DREAMING WHILST BLACK, Mawaan Rizwan for JUICE, and Jamie Demetriou for A WHOLE LIFETIME WITH JAMIE DEMETRIOU which included Costume Designer Sara Hassan.

Haley Muraleedharan Launching New NFTS Course

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Loop Talent Intimacy Coordinator Haley Muraleedharan is spearheading the new NFTS Intimacy Coordinator Certificate.

The intensive six-month course will take place at the NFTS campus in Leeds from May 2024 and will see a cohort of 10 students undertake 150 hours of comprehensive training.

Speaking about the course Haley says “As a long-term advocate of creating achievable opportunities in the North of England and as a member of the BECTU IC training group, I’m thrilled that the NFTS have such a commitment to providing this high quality, certified intimacy coordinator training in Leeds.”

“All tutors involved are highly experienced intimacy professionals working in industry across HETV and film. To have a network of best practice for students to draw upon throughout their certification journey is an incredible career boosting opportunity, in a department where it has historically been difficult to navigate a viable route in.”

Haley Muraleedharan is a neuro-diverse Intimacy Coordinator based in both London and Leeds. Her impressive portfolio includes a range of HETV, Film, and Commercial projects such as ‘Three Little Birds’ for Tiger Aspect, series 2 of ‘The Lazarus Project’, and feature film ‘One Moonlit Night’.

Notably, Haley made history as the first-ever IC to safeguard intimate scenes on long-standing serial dramas such as ‘Emmerdale’, ‘Coronation St’, and ‘Hollyoaks’, including the Home Office-backed ‘Long Walk Home‘ Episode. Her recent credits include Firebird’s drama ‘The Jetty’, Fudge Park’s ‘Daddy Issues’, Quay Street’s ‘Dead Hot’, and ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ starring Ewan McGregor.

Haley prioritises the wellbeing of actors during intimate scenes and provides professional safeguards to ensure a comfortable, safe, and creative set. Her excellent reputation has made her a popular choice among production teams and cast members and she regularly works on comedy projects where her background as a writer enables her to understand the nuance of performance and landing the joke.

Timestalker at SXSW

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Congratulations to DOP Ryan Eddleston whose feature TIMESTALKER had its premiere at SXSW this month. Directed by and starring Alice Lowe, the film also stars Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz), Jacob Anderson (Game Of Thrones), and Aneurin Barnard (David Copperfield).

Ryan’s work has been highlighted in publications such as Empire, Indie Wire and Screen International, with one outlet describing his work as having ‘a Wonka-ish delight to scenes where vibrant color representation brightens what should be drab exteriors, keeping the illusion of fantasy alive and well.’

Ryan Eddleston is an award-winning DOP, hailing from the North West and now living in Cardiff. Ryan won a BAFTA Cymru for Best Cinematography for ‘The Poet Who Loved the War: Ivor Gurney’. He has since been nominated three further times for his work on ‘American Interior’ in 2014, ‘The Fight’ in 2019 & ‘Grav’ in 2022. Ryan’s diverse portfolio includes Dolly Wells’ Good ‘Posture’, Jessica Hynes’ ‘The Fight’, Rhiana Yazzie’s ‘A Winter Love’, Alice Lowe’s ‘Prevenge’ and six feature films for Jamie Adams.   He has recently wrapped on Bad Wolf’s ‘Dr Who; Tales of the Tardis’. Ryan is based in Cardiff and happy to travel for work.