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Covid has caused huge changes across the TV, Film, and Advertising industries. With productions back up and running, and trying to navigate filming amidst Covid and ever-changing rules, we spoke to some industry friends about how things have changed for them.

Here’s what Lorraine Snow, Freelance Creative Operations Manager working at agencies such as Ogilvy, Wonder & McCann had to say:

What were your plans for the year and how has Covid affected them?

I was contracted at an Events business overseeing their studio covering a maternity contract when Covid hit. Being events, it was very sudden and we found ourselves furloughed – me until I finished my contract. Slowly but surely all of our large events got cancelled – usually the country we were holding the events put limits in numbers which ruled them out entirely.

Have you been able to work at all?

I have been very lucky. I was able to get a contract back at one of my favourite places and whilst I couldn’t take in and enjoy the view of the Thames from Sea Containers house, I quickly got to work managing the creative teams. We have a big social and content department which have begun shooting again – it was a very busy August and early September seeing all of our work hit production.

Do you have any work plans coming up or are you back at work already?

Apart from 2 months of being on Furlough, I have been lucky enough to work through.

How has Covid altered your normal working practice?

It has entirely changed how we work – everything we do now is online. We are slowly heading back to the office but it’s incredibly well managed to ensure it is covid secure.

Have you had to diversify your normal working practice in order to wfh?

I wasn’t contracted whilst the agency got online at the start, but by the time I arrived in early June it was a well oiled machine, the process lent itself quite easily to online management and I’ve made friends over Zoom. It’ll be nice to see everyone in person again.

How will Covid affect your normal practice when you go back on set/ the office?

I imagine it will continue as it is for a while but perhaps we will start hosting meetings in real life as well as online together. I think we will be applying covid secure measures to shooting anything for the foreseeable.

In your experience, how is the industry overcoming the boundaries put in place by Covid?

Incredibly well, everyone we have dealt with has been solutions focused, I feel that the industry is all about finding ways to make things work and things changing and being agile has always been part of what makes it great.

Have you found budgets have been affected by extra protocols?

Yes but only because of the recession we have found ourselves in, not the protocols – people are nervous at the moment. We are still producing some great work though

Do you have a new career plan since the outbreak? Has it shifted your focus?

It hasn’t entirely, it’s made me take stock and also consider moving further away – WFH is going to be more of a way of life.


We chatted with Lorraine in early September.