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The final Episode of Derry Girls aired this week, with a special one hour episode entitled ‘The Agreement’  exploring the Derry Girls reaction to The Good Friday Agreement.

Reviews have been flooding in calling the final series ‘a triumph’ with the extended final episode ‘Poignant, heartwarming and hilarious’

Designed by Loop Talent Costume Designer Cathy Prior across all three seasons, Derry Girls has consistently enamoured audiences since its premier in 2018. Cathy Prior’s designs have been influential across the world with the green catholic school uniform becoming a staple of the show  and even referenced in The Simpsons. Buzz around the Loop Talent Costume Designer Cathy Prior’s creations this season included an episode where the girls dressed as the Spice Girls with a Derry twist and the girls’ Angel Halloween costumes.


Loop Talent Costume Designer Cathy Prior with the cast.

This season has seen celebrity cameos such as Fatboy Slim, Conleth Hill, Chelsea Clinton and Liam Neeson, who returned for the poignant finale. 

Across the three series, Derry Girls has been a consistent hit with audiences and critics alike, reaching upwards of 3 million viewers and receiving high praise from critics. Since the first series Costume Designer Cathy Priors designs have been crucial for the immersion into the world of Derry Girls. From Erin’s cardigan, Orla’s jumpsuit, to Ma Mary’s jumpers, Costume Designer Cathy has perfectly encapsulated the fashion of 90’s Derry. 

It is clear that Derry Girls has established itself as a modern comedy classic and we can’t wait to see what Loop Talent Costume Designer Cathy Prior does next!