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This week’s episode of Derry Girls saw many different costumes including Father Peter’s glittery pink blazer, Aunt Sarah’s disguise and another rendition of Ma Mary’s iconic Irish Mammy jumpers.

Loop Talent Costume Designer Cathy Prior shared her process on Instagram to discuss the process of creating Ma Mary’s jumper.

“One particular costume that I love giving time to, is Ma Mary’s jazzy jumpers. Although, all our characters are very much cemented in their style by now, it was important for me to try to push them further. I always had the intention of creating a bespoke jumper for Ma Mary. Prepping in Bristol, my Assistant Designer found an amazing second hand shop where we found this skirt (top left photo). It had loaves of bread and fruit and rolling pins. It was the inspiration for Ma Mary’s jumper she wore in episode two. We wanted the colours and pattern to be recognisably 90s. Thankfully Lisa, Liz and Mike loved the concepts as much as we did. Callan who is a talented local knitwear designer made the rest happen and a bespoke sweater was born. And a talent she is. She digitalised and knitted Mary’s big bowl, potato’s, fried eggs and bacon. We see that Ma Mary in this episode is the sticking glue of the family; She runs the house and all who live in it. Just like every Irish Ma I know.”

Derry Girls and Spice Girls is a combination we have all been desperate to see realised and this episode – with it’s ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ theme – finally made it happen. With Erin as Ginger, Claire as Baby, Orla as Sporty, Michelle as Scary and the hilarious James as Posh, the Derry Girls rendition of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ was a roaring success, on screen and off (“Are they actually…good?” wonders Jenny Joyce, the girls’ nemesis.) Dressed in the iconic Spice Girls outfits, one costume was notably different. Creator Lisa McGee had this to say: 

“Erin is Ginger, but we haven’t done the Union Jack dress because that would have been not okay to Catholics in Derry. Our amazing costume designer made her a glittery dress with a peace sign on,” creator Lisa McGee.

This episode was a great success for Loop Talent costume designer Cathy Prior and we can’t wait to see what other fabulous costumes come from this series! 

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