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Earlier this year, we joined forces with the charity Arts Emergency, to offer some of their young people from diverse and typically underrepresented communities in the industry, a subscription to the Crew Diary Service.

We invited Jamie Beckford, Kimberly Johnson & Lucas Munoz-Griez to the camera department and Alexander Teng to the costume team, and paired them up with a Loop Talent HOD Mentor.

It’s been 6 months since our Arts Emergency trainees joined us, here’s what they have been up to…

Jamie Beckford worked with Loop Talent DOP Rick Joaquim on a commercial project for Agile films. He’s also worked at All Points East festival with his mentor Jon Muschamp.

Lucas Munoz-Greiz worked with Loop Talent Loader Ashton Born on a performance video directed by Femi Ladi for the song “My Family” by Pa Salieu. He also joined Loader Leo Winslow  at a de-rig day for a HETV drama. Leo was impressed with Lucas and said “He arrived early today and put in a long day’s work without any complaints.  He had a fine work ethic and a positive attitude that was appreciated”.

Kimberly Johnson joined her mentor Rick Joaquim on a short Film for The Lot Productions and a commercial for The Progress Film Co. After the shoot we checked in with her mentor Rick and he said “Kimberly was the best! Myself and Felix (Loop Talent Loader) loved having her. She was so great, we asked her to sort out director’s monitor and batteries that we had issues with while shooting. And she just handled it like a trooper. Proud of her. She told me she had so much fun too and was nervous at first and I told her the more time she spends on set the more familiar camera stuff all becomes“.

In a conversation between Rick & Kimberly she said “I honestly really enjoyed it. I was really scared to come on set but I didn’t leave feeling that way. It was amazing seeing you (Rick Joaquim) in action and Felix (Loop Talent Loader) literally explained every little thing to me which was honestly amazing. It made me understand everything more and what you were doing from where I was standing, so thank you!”

Alex Teng has worked alongside Stylist Freddie Kemp on a couple of commercial projects for McKinsey & Company & Publicis Groupe.

A huge thanks to Agile Films, Mint & Lime Films, They Gather, The Lot Productions, DMND CLR, The Progress Film Co, McKinsey & Company, Publicis Groupe for being supportive of our initiative with Arts Emergency.

If you’d like to help support these young people and book them on your next project, please contact our crew manager Daisy –