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Intimacy Coordinator Haley Muraleedharan has been mentioned in Digital Spy by Bonus Track star Samuel Small.

‘We had an amazing intimacy coordinator called Haley [Muraleedharan]. Joe and I went with her while we were gearing up for our first intimate moment. She broke down the barriers and talked us through everything, and made it seem more like a dance.

Haley found a way to make this moment more beautiful rather than us just us going at each other, which was really interesting because I was in my head thinking, “I’m ready to do this. I’m ready to go and just get it out of the way.” But Joe was really nervous. Having that support made it so much easier. If we had any questions on set, we could ask them.

There were times where Joe wanted to focus and didn’t want people in his background, in his eye-line to distract him, but she was amazing at sorting that out in a calm easy way. By the end of it, when we had done a couple of intimacy moments, we were fine. We were in it together and complaining that we didn’t get to do it again.’

Bonus Track is available to stream on Sky Cinema, with Production Design by Giorgia Lee Joseph, Hair and Makeup Design by Regina Meessen and Intimacy Coordinator Haley Muraleedharan.