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At the heart of film and television production, Line Producers play a vital role in ensuring the seamless execution of projects. At Loop Talent, we are proud to represent a team of highly skilled and experienced Line Producers based in London, and working internationally. Here’s a snapshot of our Line Producers working in HETV and Film.

Alexandra Breede

Alexandra Breede brings a wealth of experience to our team of Line Producers in London. Her recent credits include prominent projects such as the Sky Original film ‘Dead Shot’, Netflix production ‘I Came By’ and upcoming feature ‘On Falling’ for Sixteen Films. A popular and well-respected Line Producer Alex not only delivers productions of the highest quality, but ensures her productions are run in a manner that empowers all crew members to do their best work on set.

Lennard Ortmann

Lennard Ortmann is a Line Producer with a diverse background in television and film. His recent work includes notable projects like the the award-winning feature ’Listen’, Italian feature ‘Diciannove’, the BBC3 TV Series ‘Dinosaur’, and upcoming drama ‘We Go Again’ for The Forge. Lennard’s meticulous approach and extensive experience as both a Line Producer and Production Manager form the basis of his ability to deliver exceptional results on every project he undertakes.

Ingrid Litman

Ingrid Litman boasts a comprehensive background in HETV and film production, making her a sought-after Line Producer in London. Her recent credits encompass a range of acclaimed projects including the C4 Docu-drama ‘Partygate’ and BBC comedy ‘Bad Education’ (Series 4). Ingrid’s track record of success as a Line Producer and Production Manager (on dramas such as Harlots, Grace, and Responsible Child) make her a valuable asset to any production team.

At Loop Talent, we understand the importance of partnering with experienced professionals to ensure the success of your production. Our roster of Line Producers based in London offers a diverse range of skills and expertise to meet the unique needs of each project. Whether you’re working on a television series, or feature film, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence across all elements of production.

Reach out to Line Producer Agent Matt Clinch to learn more about how our London-based Line Producers can contribute to the success of your next project.