Em is a London based digital camera assistant known for their sunny enthusiasm and meticulous organisation.

They spent two years as an in-house technician in rental, gaining extensive knowledge on kit maintenance and a thirst for new advances in kit technology. They have worked on a range of projects from major motion pictures through to all-hands-on-deck indie music promos, and thrive in the challenges brought by different types of shoots.

Em has recently specialised in stunt camera unit work on large international features, where they have supported teams in creating unusual rigs and camera setups to meet the demands of action camera work and VFX units.

Em now works as a 1st AC for a number of clients, but is still moving through the step-up process and continues to load for a variety of 1st ACs whilst they finesse their skills in the department. They continue to shoot their own collaborative short film and music indie projects alongside their work in the camera department.

They strive to bring a positive energy onto set and to keep the department sufficiently caffeinated and raring to go.


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