Focus Puller

Dominika is a London-based 1st AC/Focus Puller.

Born and bred in Poland, she comes from a background in photography and fine arts. Her journey within the camera department is rich with experience and passion for both the technical and creative aspects of her craft. Throughout her career, Dominika has worked across on a wide range of projects from long form narrative to commercials, fashion films, cinematic broadcast, music promos and documentary, both in the UK and internationally.

Dominika is deeply committed to her job and dedicated to perfecting the pinpoint precision of the craft. Spending close to two years working full-time as a Junior Camera Operator and Focus Puller in an award-winning production company in London has undoubtedly helped hone her skills and technical expertise.

With a keen eye for detail, she is meticulous in her approach to organisation, finding efficiency in a well-ordered environment. Her knack for colour-coding and labelling brings not just order but also a touch of vibrancy to her surroundings. Whether it’s the camera truck, her Spotify playlists,  or the bookshelves in her room, her organisational prowess is evident in every aspect of her life.

Although proficient in most digital formats, Dominika loves all things analogue and spends a big chunk of her pay check on film rolls. She has undergone practical training in loading and lacing film on the 16mm/35mm Film Camera Familiarisation Course at the National Film & Television School. Prior to that she obtained her BA Degree in Film at Middlesex University, which provided her with a solid practical foundation.

Dominika is a strong advocate for continuous learning, with a thirst for growth. She always seeks opportunities to feed her curiosity and further broaden her skills, and knowledge in visual arts and beyond. Among many hobbies, she enjoys live music and has previously worked on stage with artists such as Arcade Fire, Architects and Stormzy. Harbouring her teenage dream of becoming a roadie, she is particularly keen to venture down the world of cinematic broadcast. She thrives equally in a fast-paced environment of unpredictable live multicam events as well as the more carefully crafted, slow-paced narrative world.

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