Alex is London based digital camera assistant, known for his tireless work ethic and enthusiasm. Typically, it’s poor form to say you have a great sense of humour in these types of things… but Alex has been told, at least 4 times, that he is indeed ‘quite good craic’… whatever that might mean. But there you have it: Alex is quite good craic.

He has worked across the globe, on everything from big-budget, commercial studio setups to smaller run and gun location/TV work. Alex is now stepping into focus pulling on smaller TV gigs, short films and music videos, whilst continuing to grow his experience as a loader on larger TVC and narrative work. He has extensive experience in both single and multi camera setups, excelling as part of a larger team or when taking sole responsibility for the department.

Alex is a motivated and well liked member of the crew, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a calm head.

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