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We are thrilled to welcome Director of Photography Rick Joaquim, SASC to the Loop Talent roster.

Rick Joaquim, SASC is an award-winning Director of Photography working in Film, TV Commercials and Music promos. Rick began his career working in South Africa on commercials for huge brands including BMW, Kelloggs, Nandos and Virgin.

After working successfully for a number of years Rick moved into narrative, shooting Films, and TV series for Netflix. Rick’s recent film, the critically acclaimed Five Tiger was selected at Sundance 2021.

Rick has won many accolades in his career as a Cinematographer including Best Cinematography for his work at the New York, European and Canadian Cinematography Awards.

Now based in London Rick continues to work in Commercials, TV, Film and Music promos. Rick is able to travel and work Internationally, holds both an EU and South African Passport, and has extensive shoot experience locally and abroad.