Tina Nail (she/her) Michael Rockett (he/him)

Costume Design

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Education: BA (HONS) degree in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins School of Art

Skills: Both are skilled in Costume Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Breakdown, Illustration, Cutting, Construction, and Styling.

Inspiration: All sorts of things inspire Tina and Michael. History, popular culture, and fashion. Generally speaking, they are attracted to visual beauty and great design in all areas. These include architecture and painting as well as shape and sculpture and color.

Career High: Michael and Tina have had the opportunity to work on many inspiring projects during their career so it is hard to choose just one. Designing the Carlsberg commercial for the Euro cup gave them the opportunity to spend a month in Montevideo, Uruguay. Although it was extremely hard work with a fast turn around, it was a wonderful opportunity to test their skills. Dressing 150 principals and 500 extras in a mix of modern fashion and period clothes inspired by the French Revolution, was both very creative and incredibly enjoyable. The added pleasure of being helped by a great local wardrobe department crew was the icing on the cake. 

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