Steadicam Operator

Michael found an early interest in camera movement during his university years, it was there where he adopted the use of gimbal operating in a mixture short form production at a small scale. With a few years of operating under his belt it was clear to him that Steadicam was the next progression in his career.
After receiving Steadicam training from highly reputable operator Peter Robertson ACO, he was ready to embark on several NFTS productions and Music videos; during this time he honed his skill which allowed him to continue to take part in high endCommercial, Fashion, Music video and long form production.
Michael has extensive experience operating both Film and Digital formats, he is also an MK-V AR2 owner/operator (an extension to his Steadicam) which allows him to provide a wide array of shots not possible with traditional Steadicam.

He is passionate for the Steadicam art-form, always striving to deliver the highest results, he takes great care when constructing camera moves to further develop a story.

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