1st Assistant Director

Michael is a hardworking and energetic 1st AD, he started in film as a runner and moved his way up the department gaining experience in many different formats, he began as a 1st AD on music videos, promos and commercials and has since moved into narrative gaining experience in feature films, short films and HETV. He has now been working as an AD for three years and has racked up credits with Paramount, the BBC and the BFI.

Michael has a keen eye for scheduling detail and has been using Movie Magic for over four years, he has worked with 16mm, 35mm and full framed cameras and is used to working with large crowds, high profile actors, children and animals. He has experience in stunt work, SFX and fight sequences.

Approachable, determined, and the ability to create a team atmosphere on set, ensuring that filming on any production is achieved efficiently and to the highest standard.


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