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Education: Edinburgh College of Art : Design & Applied Arts : Performance Costume Design BA Hons ( First )

Skills: Pattern cutting, tailoring, and costume construction. Alright at making sourdough bread ….

Languages: French, and some new found skills in Czech.

Inspiration: Being outside, being inside, being in new places, being in old places. Love for nostalgia, and love for the future possibilities. Always looking backwards, always looking forwards. Always looking at photographs ! Anyones … it doesn’t matter, but I especially love the crooked ones, like old Victorian ones. It’s like looking at squinty taxidermy !

Career High: Recently I was responsible for some of the costumes for a new television series ( that I’m not allowed to talk about yet ) and they looked great ( but we can’t talk about that yet ) and the costume team worked so incredibly hard ( but we can’t even mention them yet ! ) but speaking in several languages each day and running between the workroom and set and back to the workshop was the most exhilarating few months of costuming I’ve done in a while !!

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