Focus Puller

Gosia is a 1st AC/Focus Puller and Ronin 2 & 4D technician. She is familiar with many camera systems, Ronin gimbals, lenses, and accessories and always excited to learn new skills and test/work with new technology.

Based in London and with bases in the Midlands as well as NI and Republic of Ireland, she has worked across the country and abroad, and is willing to travel wherever the work takes her.

With considerable technical skills and strong interpersonal abilities, Gosia is friendly yet focused, highly organised, and adept at building strong relationships with production teams and within camera department. She values teamwork and understands its significance in the work environment.

Gosia has gained experience working on numerous commercials, high end TV dramas, features, MMPs and documentaries. She is happy to lead the camera team on A cam or take on more B camera assignments. Eager to meet and work with exciting DPs and operators to better her craft and with a goal to step up to operating in the near future.

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