Focus Puller

Gosia is a first AC/focus puller and Ronin 2 technician. She is familiar with many camera systems, Ronin gimbals, lenses, and accessories. Based in the Midlands and London, she has worked across the country and abroad, and she is willing to travel wherever the work takes her. She can be hired as a local within the country.

With considerable technical skills and strong interpersonal abilities, Gosia is friendly yet focused, highly organised, and adept at building strong relationships with production teams. She values teamwork and understands its significance in the work environment. Gosia has gained experience working on numerous commercials, dailies, and B camera on various TV dramas, including recent Netflix productions such as ‘Treason’ and ‘The Old Guard 2’. Additionally, she has prior loading experience on MMPs, such as the recently released ‘Dungeons & Dragons’. Gosia is happy to focus on A cam or take on more B cam assignments.

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