About: Gaffer / Spark / Lighting Tech. focused on film and TV production with the ambition to become DOP. 

I am fascinated by the role of the light and the shadow in an image composition, their interaction, texture and how those two elements can enhance storytelling and accompany it.   

Education: BA Film making at ESRA Nice France 

Skills: Detail oriented, Visual Composition Creation, Problem Solving & Resourceful , Self-motivation & Tenacity, Calm under pressure, Photography, Video Editing, Painting, Drawing caricatures. 

Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish 

Inspiration: Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Umberto Boccioni, Edward Hopper, (Painters) , German expressionism, Italian neorealism, (film movements), Natasha Braier, Henri Alekan (cinematographers),  Miranda July (director) 

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