Camera Trainee

Ben is a creative, experienced & fast learning camera trainee based in South London. Having graduated from University of the Arts London in 2020, he has been focused on continuing to pursue his career in film. 

Ben has 2 years of experience, mainly as a daily, on various High end TV and Films projects. Due to this he is great at adapting to new colleagues and environments on a daily basis, whilst also adding a strong roster of high profile projects to his belt.

Having a consistent passion for cinematography, after discovering it in his teens, Ben took the the leap to move to the UK, from Southern Spain, in an attempt to step into the film world. Since then, Ben has been able to shoot a range of short films, documentaries & music videos, whilst also being trained by the BFI Academy, BAFTA & the NFTS Future Skills in his craft.

Currently Ben is continually focused on building up his experience & knowledge in the camera department, to build strength in both his camera assistant work and his personal creative projects. 

He would also like to gain experience shooting in 16mm & 35mm film, and is interested in venturing into doing more long form work.

Ben is also fluent in both English & Spanish language. 

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