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Education: BA (Hons) Media with Cultural Studies (Grade 2:1)

Skills: Final Draft, Movie Magic Budgeting, Movie Magic Scheduling, Payroll, Cost Reporting, DPO, EzyPO, Production Platforms such as Team Engine, Set Keeper, Scenechronize, POP, Equity Contracts, Crew Hiring & Contracting, Studio & Location filming, all stages of pre-production/production/wrap

Inspiration: From an early interest in Animation and Films, to an inspirational tutor at College, to all the fantastic Production crew I have met and worked with as my career has developed.

Career High: Being called to step in and cover for a Line Producer on Riviera S3 filming in Buenos Aires. Having not worked on the project previously or had any connection with the production or crew I was able to step into the role working closely with the Argentinian Producers to ensure everything ran smoothly to schedule and budget. Even though I was only brought out as cover for the Line Producer I was asked back after the Christmas hiatus period to continue be a part of the team in the capacity of UK Production Manager.

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