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Intimacy Coordinator Rufai Ajala recently worked with Emmerdale actor Ash Palmisciano on the ongoing storyline of trans character Matty Barton.

As a non-binary IC, Roo’s professional expertise in trans issues and gender identity has allowed them to offer support to Ash where required and fostered a safe space and platform to effectively explore wider issues that affect the trans community.

The recent Emmerdale storyline sees Matty sentenced to jail in a male prison after the accidental stabbing of Samson Dingle.

Speaking to The Mirror, Ash explained: “Most guys, if they’re honest, wouldn’t want to go to prison…For Matty, there’s extra fear. He’s transitioned now, he’s got his gender recognition certificate, he’s just living as a guy and getting on with life. But now, he’s entered a male prison, a toxic, masculine arena and Matty’s been advised not to say that he’s trans.”