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Here is a Spring Round up of what all of our Loop Talent Hair and Makeup designers have been up to and are currently working on. 

Jules Chapman has been working on the new series of Outlander as personal to Catriona Balfe and is soon to join the Loki team as supervisor and personal to one of the main cast.

Hair and Makeup Designer Chloe Edwards is currently working on a Sky Original Feature ‘Breaking Point’.

Aaliyah Oke is working on commercials and music promo projects with artists including Dua Lipa. Aaliyah has also been sharpening her skills as a nail artist, and can offer manicures on future projects. 

Hair and Makeup Designer Siobhán Harper-Ryan is currently working on season 2 of smash hit ‘I Hate Suzie’. Siobhán also designed season 1. 

Bernadine Long is using her SFX makeup expertise on commercials and stills campaigns. 

Hair and Makeup Designer Regina Meessen is working on the latest series of Waterloo Road.

Laura Miles is working on Pack of Lies for Sister Pictures.

Hair and Makeup Designer Chloe Rose is working on commercial and music promo projects for bands including Jungle and Royal Blood.

Deanna I’cevska is working on stills campaigns and commercials.

Claire Anne Williams is working on ‘The Kitchen’ designing their crowd room. 

Hair and Makeup Designer Frances Hounsom is currently working with Steven Soderberg, Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum. Fran has also been grooming Channing for his red carpet events in London. She has also recently been given an O1 VISA, enabling her to work in the US.



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