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Feature film Sebastian held its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival and has received significant buzz. Sebastian was lensed by Loop Talent DOP Iikka Salminen, Intimacy coordination by Rufai Ajala and additional photography Make Up Beki Goulding.

Lead actor Ruaridh Mollica spoke to Deadline about the film, highlighting the creative work by DOP Iikka Salminen.

“However, the director and cinematographer Iikka Salminen “made it all beautiful,” he recalls. “It was all a character study, a study of the mind, and it all felt very honest and just frank.”

Mollica also discussed filming intimate scenes with Intimacy Coordinator Rufai (Roo) Ajala.

“Roo made me feel so safe and so held,” says Mollica. “Using their techniques I was able to feel comfortable and completely bonded with the other actors in scenes. It was really quite amazing how much you could trust someone, after even just 20 or 30 minutes of working them.”

Mollica went on to say, “I personally think intimacy coordination is very important and can facilitate the creation of authentic and alive intimate scenes that actors feel safe making.”