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Loop Talent Director of Photography Tom Watts has been featured in a new Broadcast Magazine article ‘Breaking Down the Barriers to Inclusion’.

Tom appeared on WFTV panel ‘Neurodiversity in Film & TV’ exploring the challenges faced by neurodivergent people in the industry and how it can be more inclusive. Speaking to Broadcast Tom highlights the adversity faced by neurodiverse creatives in the Film and TV industry stating ‘You’re tolerated as long as you present neurotypical – when you’re an inconvenience, it’s a problem.’

The article discusses the use of discussing Accessibility Riders and how these can benefit a production. Tom adds ‘Part of the end goal is to make [the process] mundane and boring – you ask everyone what their access needs are as standard, so that even people who don’t have any have to think about it.’

Tom is a Neurodiverse DOP with a varied and colourful portfolio including short film ‘Typical?’ produced and directed by Sarah Leigh at Inclusivity Films, the production included 50% cast and crew identifying as d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent. Tom recently shot ‘Pyramid of Disunion’ which premiered at LFF in 2023.